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Commercial Painting Contractors in Perth

Are you looking for the best commercial painting in Perth who can use all their expertise and experience to deliver customised painting to your commercial property? It ought to be none other than WA Elite Painting Services. We have a decade of industry experience and a team of highly skilled and competent commercial painters in Perth WA. This will help us meet your custom painting needs with perfection, leaving you 100% satisfied.

Our commercial painting services provide painting solutions for businesses, commercial properties like retail shop painting in Perth and others. A reputable commercial painting company offers a range of services, including interior and exterior painting, repainting, restoration, and specialised painting services. That’s precisely what we do, turning out to be your one stop commercial painting solution.


What does our commercial painting service in Perth involve?

Our interior painting services for commercial spaces involve painting walls, ceilings, and trim work inside commercial buildings such as offices, restaurants, retail stores, and hospitals. This includes preparing the surfaces, filling in gaps and holes, sanding, and applying paint. We ensure that our commercial painting in Perth is done efficiently, quickly, and with minimal disruption to business operations.

Our exterior painting services for commercial properties involve painting the exterior of buildings, including multi-story buildings, warehouses, and industrial facilities. This includes preparing the surfaces, pressure washing, scraping and sanding, repairing damaged areas, caulking gaps, and applying a durable and long-lasting paint coating that can withstand harsh Australian weather conditions.

Our repainting services for commercial spaces involve freshening up existing paint jobs by painting over existing paint. This service includes preparing the surface, removing loose paint, sanding and smoothing the surface, and applying a fresh coat of paint.
Restoration services cater to the restoration of older commercial buildings or buildings that have been damaged by weather, water, or fire. Restoration services involve repairing damaged areas, stripping old paint, sanding, and restoring the original beauty of the building.

Thus you see, as one of the most reputable commercial painting contractors in Perth we offer a pretty comprehensive service, justifying your investment in us to the fullest.


What does our commercial painting include?

At WA Elite Painting Services, our commercial painting includes but is not restricted to:
  • Office painting and painting of Government properties
  • Painting schools and other educational institutions
  • Painting hotels, restaurants, eateries and outlets
  • Professional theatres, clinics, retail stores, warehouses painting in Perth

What are the highlights of our commercial painting in Perth?

We have in our team highly skilled professionals, who are trained on the latest commercial painting in Perth. They have access to the latest tools and equipment and will use paints from the best brands to ensure the finest painting solutions.

We also use organic paints, which pose no threat to health or environment. Thus, we have over the years turned out to be one of the safest names in the industry.

While carrying out warehouse painting in Perth, we take appropriate surface preparation so that the surfaces are cleared off all the dirt, dust and filth. We ensure the surface irregularities are negated so much so that the paints stay for long, adding aesthetics as well as values to your warehouse.

When it comes to retail shop painting in Perth, we will take into account the layout of your shop, your customer base and range of products you sell. This helps us to deliver painting solutions that precisely match your retail shop painting needs.

Ever since we started our endeavour, delivering outstanding workmanship has been the priority of our experts. Thus, our commercial painters in Perth guarantee that every project—from little touch-ups to comprehensive painting projects—is done with the highest professionalism and accuracy.

Putting the needs of our customers first, we guarantee that our superior painting will not only spruce up the look and feel of your property, but will also add significant value to it, should you consider selling it off.

Most importantly, our commercial painting comes at a pretty affordable rate, along with zero compromise with quality.


Is commercial painting more expensive than residential painting? How much will your service cost?
There is no concrete answer to this question. It entirely depends on the layout of your commercial property and the type or extent of painting, surface preparation your property needs. However, our commercial never costs exorbitantly high.
How much will you take to finish off the project?
Again, that will depend on the extent of painting and the layout of your property. However, we would always offer on time and on budget solutions.
What types of paints do you use in painting commercial properties?
We use paints from all leading brands, as well as organic paints to ensure safest and the best painting solutions.
How often do I need to paint my commercial property?
It may depend on how much rigour your property is subjected to day in and out. Generally, it is good to have your commercial property painted once in 4 to 5 years.

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